Exporting & Business Growth

The global defence export market is estimated to have increased to approximately $174 billion in 2020, reflecting the impact ongoing strategic threats and uncertainties and rising prices has on the sector. 

In 2020 UK defence export orders amounted to £7.95 billion, making the UK  the second-largest defence exporter globally, behind only the United States – a status it has maintained for the last ten years.


The UK  commands approximately 6% of the export market, according to UK Defence and Security Exports statistics.

The Exporting Pavilion, supported by UK Defence and Security Exports, will allow delegates to meet with representatives from some of the largest overseas defence markets, with a view to exporting products or services, as well UKDSE representatives who offer support for those organisations looking to export their products and services overseas.

Learn more about how your organisation can gain a share of this marketplace worth around £8 billion.